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The mission of our Therapy for Every Child Fund is to help provide PT, OT, ST and ABA to children who, due to circumstances beyond their control, do not have access to the therapy that they need to make their lives so much better!iStock 000012223304XSmall There is a child right now being born in a third world country that does not have therapy programs available. There is a child right now being born in a rural area of the United States where therapy programs are not close enough to get to. There is a child right now being born into a family in Nevada that does not have health insurance and can barely make enough money to put food on the table, let alone afford therapy. With the economic crisis in our state, our country, and our world, too many children are going without the therapy that could change their lives. We feel that all children deserve a fighting chance to make it in this world, and without the proper therapy, many will not be given that chance. Please help us to make a difference in the life of a child. You can help by either donating to our program for children here in Nevada, or our program to help children in third world countries like Haitti. You choose where you’d like to help a child.