Cindy O. – 1/29/2018
“Ana most definitely is the best PT there! My son went to her for 4yrs (his whole life!) Now that he’s discharged, he asks to go see Mrs. Ana all the time! Thank you for being an amazing memory in Greyson’s life! 

Carmen M. – 1/28/2018
“The best therapists and staff”

Nen B. – 1/21/2018
“I bring my daughter here and all therapists are excellent, in fact, they are excellent at all locations because I go to all of them. I take fill-ins and I have permanent slots too. My daughter is now progressing after a harsh regression over the summer. She stopped speaking completely, but with the therapists’ help, she is now slowly starting to talk again!!! I greatly thank Ms. Margaret, Ms. Erin, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Amanda P. for their dedication to my daughter and for everything I learn from them, so that I can apply it at home. It’s all working and I am very happy! Thank you My Left Foot, you have an incredible staff! – Mrs. Baz”

Jasmine P. – 11/3/2017
“I want to thank My Children’s Left Foot for having dedicated and competent therapists. We’ve been doing Occupational and Speech Therapies for a year now and there has been so much improvements on my son’s developmental/milestone delays. He gets to speak and understand more words now, enjoys playing with others and acknowledging their presence most of the time, more adaptable to changes and a lot more. I ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK SILJA, AMANDA, ERIN and STEPHANIE for being patient and kind to my son’s needs. I have to say they all have different approaches and styles, and that all together they are our dream team. Thank you so much.”

Carly H. – 7/12/2017
“Really great therapists!”

U.M. – 7/9/2017
“I love this office. All the therapists are great if you are willing to wait to get in because the waiting list can be pretty long – It is worth it.”

Lisa A. – 7/4/2017
“My son sees Ms. Pam for feeding and she is great! She is helpful, attentive, and kind.”

Lisa A. – 7/4/2017
“My son has seen Carolyn for feeding during fill ins and she is great. She is nice, attentive, and resourceful.”

Ericka R. – 5/3/2017
“The Lake Mead location is clean, its fun for all my kids to wait- they have books, tv, lego table, etc. The staff is nice and , especially Maricel (the scheduling girl ) plus she’s very helpful. The therapists are nice to my son, especially Ms. Margaret!”

Kim Y. – 4/23/2017
“Great therapists and a clean environment. They will work hard to find a therapist and location that mesh well for your child/family.”

Terressa B. – 4/17/2017
“We love our OT Amanda and our speech therapists Erin and Carolyn! I so appreciate all they do to help my daughter.”

RayDan R. – 4/14/2017
“Just read my previous review from 2 years ago.. Where has the time gone? My daughter will be 7 years old tomorrow!
We still come here for speech therapy, but also go to the Tule Springs location once a week. My 2 year old son also receives speech therapy that’s why.
The staff are real friendly! You’re always greeted as you walk through the door to sign in. If you’re a regular you won’t be asked who you’re checking in, unless there’s new staff.
I remember when this location first opened.. We were usually the only ones in the lobby. Now, there’s multiple families waiting. The kids can watch a movie, play with Legos, read books, and even draw or color while they wait for their turn.
My kids love their therapists Ms. Pam and Ms. Cassie! They continue to do a tremendous job. I am always seeing the improvement and progress being made.Thank you MLF”

Jazza M. – 4/12/2017
“My daughter loves each time we pull into the parking lot, and the assistance there has been wonderful!”

Daniel R. – 4/10/2017
“We’ve been coming to this location since they opened. It’s always been a positive experience! The staff are friendly, and you’re always greeted upon arrival. They learn pretty quick who the regulars are, so you’re not always asked who’s being checked in. the therapists are great and continue to do what they do best! I appreciate how your scheduled time is your time. You don’t wait 15-30 minutes after to be seen. They can be pretty busy, so don’t always expect an empty lobby. The children enjoy their sessions very much. Thank you MLF children’s therapy ?”


Sadie S. – 4/10/2017
“Awesome place. I trust workers here with my son.”


Damien S. – 4/8/2017
“Great people, friendly staff.”

Ericka R. – 4/7/2017
“A great place, they are really great with your child and they actually care about your kids!”

Karen L. – 4/5/2017
“My son has been coming here for 2 years now and I have nothing but positive things to say about MLF. Their staff is well trained, my son has a lot of Medical problems and his therapists take great care of him. He comes here for O.T., P.T, and Speech. We come here 5 days a week. He has improved so much since he has been coming here. I highly recommend MLF.”


Ruby L. – 4/5/2017
“Everyone here is friendly. The therapists are great with the children. My grandson has shown great improvement. I would recommend”

Katie O. – 4/5/2017
“My son has been seeing Ms. Ana, and several others, since November for his torticollis and he has vastly improved week to week. I would highly recommend anyone with any physical therapy needs for their children to go and see anyone there.”

Noemi T. – 3/31/2017
“I have been here for about a year and love the teachers. Ms Kirsten is a great woman. She understands my baby and im happy she is here to listen to our concerns and has helped her open up with other children. I love them!! Thank you for the help you guys have given our family.”

Jenifer W. – 3/29/2017
“Staff and therapists are very nice and professional. The therapists are really good and care about their clients.”

Victoria H. – 3/28/2017
“My grandson and I are very satisfied with the professionalism, the care of my left. Parents have an opportunity to interact and be a part of childs sessions which makes us very comfortable with transparency.”


Alisha S. – 3/25/2017
“Awesome staff and very caring.”


Danayl E. – 3/22/2017
“Miss Nichole and Miss Donna are amazing. My son can’t wait to see them each week. He even likes the delightful lady at the front desk at the Gibson location.”


Tiffany A. – 3/22/2017
“My daughter has improved so much everyone at the Jones location are amazing and very friendly. Sherry, Stephanie, Kaitlyn and Holly are the best and work so well with my daughter. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else. Thank you My Left Foot staff for everything you’ve done for us.”

Barbara V. – 3/22/2017
“I have been taking my child to my left foot children’s therapy for 5 yrs. They have the very best therapists! They are not only very skilled, professional, but also so very patient & caring. They really do work so well with children! My child has made a lot of progress thanks to the qualified therapists that have worked & continue to work with my daughter.”

Candice T. – 3/21/2017
“My son loves his speech therapist. He never wants to leave. The staff at the Tule Springs location is nice. Since participation in therapy there, we have noticed great improvement and increased motivation. We never miss an appointment.”


Renee Y. – 3/13/2017
“Mr. Ron is the best! He knows just how to relate and handle my son to get results. We all love him! So happy to be working with him! Thank you!”

Dave S. – 3/7/2017
“Our son has Autism and Epilepsy. He is being treated for his PT, OT, ST, and FT needs. We are impressed at the change we have seen in less than a year including less toe walking, more consistent communication using Proloquo2go, actual vocalization of words, dressing himself with less help, tracing letters with less help, feeding himself with less help, fewer melt downs with planned activities to decrease self-harm and find his “happy place” as well as eating salad for the first time in his Life! We are happy with all of our therapists! Ms Jessica set up his iPad app Proloquo2go with the best results we have seen. Ms Alli continues to guide his advancement and sacrafice her time for extra shifts to care for hime with fill in feeding therapy. We are amazed by the progress he has made with Ms. Pam for feeding therapy, and Ms. Lindsey for occupational therapy! It is a miracle that our son is still alive. We love him and hope and pray for his health and well being. Thank you for helping our son!”


Vela W. – 1/23/2017
“My Left Foot Children’s Therapy is such an amazing place to bring my children. It’s such a unique environment and clean facility and words can not describe how outstanding the therapists are there. My son sees Mr. Ron for occupational and my daughter sees Mrs. Nicole for occupational on a weekly basis and I’m MORE than satisfied with the work they do with my kids. They are awesome!!! They’ve also been seen for physical, speech and feeding therapy and all of their therapists are outstanding!!! I’m so grateful to have a place and people that have impacted their lives in such a positive way. The staff has been very generous and have worked with me to get the schedule I need and made the intake process simple. My husband and I work full time but our childrens’ therapy, health and development is a priority above all. If you can’t be flexible or make your child a main priority, then it’s sad they are missing out on such a wonderful opportunity. I would rather wait for something great rather than give up on my child or take them to a place that can’t give them the best and that’s what My Left Foot Children’s Therapy is….THE BEST! Thank you to all the therapists there who dedicate themselves everyday to do what they do.”


Lisa A. – 12/5/2016
“My son and I love Ms. Lindsey for his OT. She is wonderful kind and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better OT. I am so happy that my son is receiving help here as I believe this is the best place to go. I would definitely recommend anyone to this place in a heartbeat!”


Cindy O. – 12/4/2016
“Went to Magical Forest tonight and once again we searched for your tree!! My son has been with you guys since 4mo! Definitely an honor in posting the picture of him in front of such an amazing place!!”


Kim S. – 4/8/2016
“My son Zach goes to my left foot for several years now. You guys are awesome. His therapist is doing great progress with him. Thank you Mr Ron.☺☺☺☺ The location on Sahara and Jones is awesome!! I could do without his speech therapist though… My son always corrects us now on our pronunciation. Lol ! “


Roberto M. – 2/20/2016
“We drive to the Lake Mead location from Henderson to see Ms. Amanda who is great with our son. We then go to the Gibson location on another day with Ms. Nicole. Both work different approaches that are complementary to my sons needs. They collaborate and communicate well with each other to make sure they are on the same page. We are very happy with his progress.”


Kay H. – 12/17/2015
“We’ve been going here since August, all i can say is my sons teacher mrs Carolyn is amazing! She has made communication with my son 1000 times easier!”

Lorena V. – 9/2/2015
“All the staff are super friendly, everyone is always willing to help.”


Mary R. – 10/14/2015
“I have had many good experience here to bring my child for therapy. I know the people here care about my kid as if it was there own, and are so friendly and nice. I am always so comfortable, and my children and myself love the little blond lady that works the office. I one time had my son spill his juice, so i ask her if i can have a wipe to clean it. She says no no no, I do it for you, so i told her i did not want her to clean my sons mess. She said something so nice to us i thought i would cry, she said it is your job to make sure your son gets to his therapy sessions, and to take a break when he is with the therapist so you can be in good shape to care for him for the rest of the week, and it is my job to make sure that happens, please relax and enjoy. I never have someone say something like that to me before. My son has many disablity and is very hard to care for, and this company makes you feel like you are not alone, even his therapists are so nice. i bring all my kids here to play and they get to color and play leggos while my son sees his therapist. They are always excited to come, they dont want to leave when he is done. Also it is a very clean place too, I always see the office girl cleaning the floors and windows when they are not even that soiled yet. I am not afraid to let my baby crawl on the floor and i dont do that always. It is so nice here i hope it never changes. thank you my left foot!”


Lizenia E.. – 6/18/2015
“I love it! My girl just started the program! Its awesome!! Thank you the staff sooo nice! God bless you all!!!!❤❤❤

Elizabeth M. – 4/15/2015
“I am so grateful for My Left Foot Children’s Therapy. My niece was born at 1lb 3oz and starting seeing therapists here after her release from the hospital. She was seen for occupational, physical, speech, and feeding therapy here. The therapists are so dedicated. As a mother I felt like they treated my niece as if she were their own child. My niece is now walking, talking, and developing at her appropriate age level. We were literally in the office almost every day of the week because of how much therapy she needed and the staff and therapists were always friendly and attentive. I also want to extend a special thank you to Miss Sherri. Not only did she work so well with my niece but she also took the time to include my daughter in my niece’s therapy sessions. It helped create this amazing bond between my daughter and my niece. They truly believe they are sisters and Sherri was a part of that. Our family will be forever grateful to My Left Foot. Not only for the amazing therapy that my niece received but also the fact that no matter how bad my day was the staff and therapists went out of their way to try to make it better. They truly just have the most caring staff I have ever seen. Please keep doing what you are doing. The children of the Las Vegas Valley truly need more places like My Left Foot.”


RayDan R. – 3/16/2015
“The Lake Mead location is awesome! My daughter has been receiving Speech Therapy here since they opened. It’s a nice office, the lobby is never crowded, and the staff are very friendly. My daughter will be 5 years old next month. When she first started here, she had great difficulty with speech. Now, you can’t even tell! They have done a great job with her. She enjoys having them as her therapists. We are very thankful for them.”


Jessica P. – 3/16/2015
“My son has been going here for over a year for speech therapy and all the therapists he’s seen have been amazing. He has made so much progress and continues to grow thanks to the amazing staff there.”


Mylissa H. – 3/13/2015
“My 4 year old son, who was born with a mylomenyngecile, (a form of spina bifida) has been going to My Left Foot Children’s Therapy since before he could even roll over. He started seeing Ana at 4 months old. At first twice a week and now we curently see Ana twice a week and also see Kimberly for aquatic therapy at their Henderson location once a week.
I couldn’t be happier with the therapists, receptionists, facilities, policies, and overall business in general. I admit the fee for “no call, no show” is a little bit high at $30 but if you are a responsible adult, you should not have to worry too much about this fee because you should be responsible enough to at least call and cancel. What better way to make people understand that these people are here to help our families, but mainly our children, get the care they need, and that their time is money?!? Most medical facilities have policies that are similar. If you waste their time it will cost you. It’s only fair. There are so many children out there that are waiting to get the help they need and they can’t be seen if the therapists is waiting for an irresponsible parent who not only can’t make it to their child’s appt, but can’t take a min to call and cancel. If the parent can’t take it seriously, how will the child?
In the 4 years that I’ve been taking my son here we have missed a few sessions here and there but have been treated with nothing but understanding and respect. Professional, REAL people who have treated us like part of their family since day one. I have and would recommend My Left Foot Children’s Therapy to any one wanting to get their child excellent therapy. Whether it is physical, occupational, aquatic, or speech therapy. They would be my choice. I also have a two year old nephew who is now attending and doing great.”


Cindy O. – 3/12/2015
“This place is absolutely amazing!! My son is 16mo old and has Torticollis, he has been seeing Ana here at this location for almost a year. I have to say, she is incredible! He has 3 permanent spots with her, and i couldn’t be happier. It’s extremely hard to get a permanent spot here, and I am so blessed that my son has been able to get 3 with Ana!! He absolutely adores her, and won’t see any other therapist. Though, the entire staff is just absolutely wonderful! From the the front desk, to all the therapists in the back. I am so glad my son has had such an amazing experience thus far. It will truly be a bitter sweet moment when he graduates from Physical Therapy. I HIGHLY recommend this place!”


Samantha R. – 3/10/2015
“This place is awesome, they are all great and try very hard to assist you. My little girl goes six days a week sometimes to other locations they have. The staff here is great. They work really hard to try to help you and your children.
The therapist here are simply some of the greatest people I know. My daughter goes to ot; pt; and speech therapy. We have had nothing but the best care there. They are kind and compassionate.
I love them all.”

Isa V. – 3/10/2015
“I love because Lake Mead and Buffalo has the best people special Mrs Donna”


Mandy S. – 3/9/2015
“My son has been going to My Left Foot for over a year now. He loves all the therapists and the front desk staff. Everybody that works there are very friendly, all locations are very very clean! They seem to take pride in the way they look. And every location has the same look and color scheme. I think it makes it very inviting and fun for the children. Anytime we have had to cancel the staff is so great about setting up make up classes. I would greatly recommed this to other people!! I give this place 5 stars!”

Jessica P. – 3/9/2015
“My son has been going here for over a year for speech therapy. They are amazing! They were able to get him a regular spot that works for our busy schedule. Before he had a permanent spot, they would call me all the time for fill in. They never forgot about my son and have helped him tremendously.”


Karen L. – 3/9/2015
“My son has been coming here for the past 2 years and he loves all of his therapist’s. He comes here 5 days a week. I highly recommend MLF.”


Jalitza M. – 3/9/2015
“The therapist and staff are very attentive and helpful. They make sure that the children and parents are welcomed. My child’s physical therapist is magnificent. Highly recommended.”


Maura G. – 3/4/2015
“My left foot children’s therapy is the best place my son has been since we move out here and since he started going he learned a lot and loves going there. Everyone that works in my left foot are sweet and caring. We love this place.”


Mayelin A. – 3/2/2015
“My experience at my left foot childrens therapy is fantastic. My daughter loves her therapist . All workers create a great enviroment and are very kind. I am very happy with my time spent there.”


Carol P. – 3/2/2015
“I love My Left Foot Childrens Therapy, I called another therapy place and they weren’t going to have an opening for months. So I called My Left Foot they were able to get us in for the evaluation and follow up appointments the next week. They try their best to work around everyone’s schedule by staying open late which is awesome if you work. They have always been very understanding when I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. All they ask for is a call to let them know which isn’t unreasonable. My daughter Erin who has down syndrome loves her therapist she enjoys coming to therapy. When we first started Erin had low muscle tone she was almost 2 and still couldn’t crawl or hold objects properly. Now she’s crawling, standing, kneeling, cruising along table’s, climbing up steps, and doing so much more. I’m so grateful for everything they have done with Erin. I can tell Brittany and Matthew love Erin I feel like they treat her like their own they want the best for her. Their just so wonderful I’m so glad I called My Left Foot Childrens Therapy now my daughter is almost walking and it’s just been 2 months they have really done so much. Thank you My Left Foot Childrens Therapy we love you!”


Mike H. – 11/19/2014
“I’m at the Lake Mead location and the staff is great! Not only do they work my four year old son in where there are openings but they all seem to care. So whatever your recipe is keep it up!”

Maria V. – 11/4/2014
“My son has been attending for several years and I am very happy with the service they provide. He has a Speech and an Occupational therapist that are very dedicated to my son’s progress and go the extra mile to help us ( they are beyond amazing). The people in the front are also nice and at times come out to the lobby and read to the children waiting… =) I am extremely happy to have found this place and to have such great, caring, knowledgeable, and hard-working experts be a part of my team on helping my son have a better feature. I highly recommend My Left Foot Therapy.”


Brooke L. – 10/30/2014
“We have been going to My Left Foot for quite awhile now for my son. Both my husband and I, as well as our son absolutely LOVE both of of my son’s therapists. He has OT 3 times per week and Speech therapy 2 times per week and has made HUGE progress in both departments!! Our therapists that we have here are amazing, and I can’t imagine where we would be right now without them!! Very grateful to My Left Foot and all of their hard working, awesome therapists for all of their hard work and for helping our little guy and helping us better his progress and quality of life!! 2 thumbs up and 5 stars from the Luckham Family!!! :)”


Pharin W. – 10/29/2014
“Our daughter is a 22 month old autistic toddler with severe delays and sensory triggers. She was evaluated for speech and occupational where mom took her. Mom was super pleased with how they worked with her and our daughter. Of course our daughter was sensitive to what was going on but the therapists were friendly and soothing to calm her down. Very informative. Therapists took the time to explain to mom what we can work on at home. We are excited about our daughter getting her therapy as they were able to get her in for the evaluations and now permanent weekly appointments. You can bet anything either mom or myself will be at each and every one of them. It is our responsibility to do our part for our daughter so the therapists can do theirs. Wonderful place!”


Karen L. – 10/28/2014
“Let me first start out by saying, my son loves coming here and he adores all of his therapists. We are here 5 days a week. And have been coming for more than a year now. My son has shown so much improvement since he has started coming here. I highly recommend My Left Foot Children’s therapy. I love there new location, it has so much more room. And I have made many new friends with the Mom’s while waiting for my son.”


Jennifer S. – 10/8/2014
“hi, just would like to bring to your attention the excellent service i received from a scheduler at your Jones location. She has always been extremely helpful finding me therapy appointments, especially recently when she helped me switch over my previous speech therapy at a different facility to Left Foot. She is always very helpful, efficient, and dedicated to helping you get your appointments assigned. I really appreciate the time and extra effort she has given me. Thanks”


Brook C. – 9/15/2014
“It took as 2.5 months to get an appointment but every childrens therapy we called that took our insurance had the same wait time. There must be more children needing therapy then there are therapist. We saw Ana for our first day evaluation with my 9 month old. He is typically grouchy with new people but he warmed up to Ana right away and let her maneuver him without any fuss. My husband and I really like the way she held him and positioned our baby. They have a ton of toys- toys my baby loved but I cant find anywhere!- to help work with them. The rooms have floor mats in which my baby could sit up on without touching the floor. And after our session she was sanitizing everything my baby touched so it feels good to know my baby will encounter less germs if toys and such are wiped down between patients. They do have a strict attendance policy but I can understand that. They are very busy and have a wait list 2 months long just to get in the door. Its very rude to cancel last minute or not show up at all. Other families could easily be booked in if they have enough advance notice.”


Angela H. – 6/28/2013
“They offer multiple services, a variety of therapists to work with. We love our team!”


Luris – 8/13/2012
“These ladies work real hard to help our kids!!!”